Is closed season over yet?

Closed season seems to be dragging more this year than ever before. I have no idea why. I have a few things that have kept me going over closed season which I’ll briefly be talking about below.

I’ve been attempting to be social. It’s super rare that I do this as I have crippling anxiety. This closed season I’ve really tried to put myself out there, I started doing follow Fridays to chat to new people and honestly it’s been great speaking to new people. It’s got me super excited for BPB, A tad nervous at the same time but I’m sure we will have an awesome weekend. It’s wonderful having people to talk to about coasters and theme parks as I feel like most of the time my friends and colleagues are sick of me gushing over theme park news and trip planning.

The second thing that has really got me through this closed season so far is writing posts. I’ve recently wrote posts about our trips throughout 2018 and our experiences. It’s actually fun looking back through photos you forgot you had taken and thinking of all the little things you liked or enjoyed.

This is one of my favourite things to do, I love planning. I’m an overplanner, I can’t help myself. I find planning one of the most exciting parts of counting down to a holiday. I would always recommend to lightly plan your holiday but to the point that it is also flexible. Not everything goes to plan I know but i find it helpful to have something to go back to.

So for the 2019 season I’m hoping to take more photos and better photos! I’m by no means good at theme park photography but I do hope to get slightly better this season. Fingers crossed.

Thank you for reading and let me know below how you are surviving closed season.


Portaventura Review

September 2018 we flew to Portaventura for just under a week. I loved so many things about this park, like it’s rides for example. I’ll start with the only thing that I didn’t like that I experienced most whilst queuing for rides. That was people smoking ALL the time! Being an ex smoker myself I find it so hard to stomach being around smokers. I never realised how much the smell clings to you.

The water rides are some of the best i’ve experienced. I have fond memories of riding both the log flumes with my sister when I visited as a child so this could be why I love them so much. Silver River Flume is a classic log flume and it does such a good job at cooling you down on a hot day.

Another water ride good for cooling down was definitely Tutuki Splash. This is another lodge flume however in a much larger boat. It doesn’t half make a splash and damn it’s fun.

A coaster that I enjoyed and expected to hate was Stampida. I did feel like I need new ribs and yes was covered in bruises. I loved the layout, although I knew it was coming I still loved entering that tunnel and the train next to you has disappeared, only to appear again heading in the opposite direction. Well done John Wardley, I will forever love that woodie.

Shambhala I thought was a beautiful coaster, I loved the interaction with the water and it’s so tall you literally can see it from the front of the park. I do think it’s a little over hyped.

Dragon Khan is the second main coaster in this park. It sounds and looks fantastic. Nothing beats a good B&M Coaster. I found both Dragon Khan and Shambhala to be super photogenic and I think I took about a thousand photos of them.

It was refreshing getting out of the UK and enjoy the sunshine. Beers and slushes sold by the yard,. Beer and cocktails was definitely something we were both happy about. The park is split into different lands, all themed and have stands, restaurants and shows. Surprisingly I never had a waffle which is something I remember having on my first visit and loving.

As we stayed in hotel El Paso and went for the all inclusive option we only visited places which we could eat for free using our hotel vouchers. As expected it was typical theme park food, Chicken nuggets, fries, hotdogs etc.

The shows were fantastic! We seen both shows in the Polynesian area. A parrot show, dance revolution 2 and what I like to call the bubble man. We even sat and watched a few minutes of the Sesame Street show to take advantage of the shade.

There is also a parade at the end of the day where you can see various characters and acts from the shows. Which we watched whilst waiting for the fireworks.

The fireworks show was fantastic, they really have put a lot of effort into it. Overall we had an amazing holiday and I would totally visit again. The park was a pleasant surprise. So much more beautiful than I remembered.

Thanks for reading

Bridesmaid proposal

Happy new year everyone. I wanted to kick off 2019 with something a bit different, whilst it’s still closed season.

Back in November I asked my sister to be my maid of honour and my best friend Amy to be my bridesmaid. I’m a rather create person so decided to make small proposal boxes as my way of asking.

I started by buying boxes and tissue paper from hobby craft back in October. I also found some temporary tattoos which are rose gold and say team bride.

Shortly after I started ordering items on Etsy for our engagement party, whilst doing this I came across personal decals. I decided to order some for the boxes and for the glasses.

I’ve never used decals before but I was super happy with how easy the process is and how nice they came out. Shop I ordered from –

The last item I bought from Etsy were beautiful proposal cards which came in black envelopes. I was impressed with the quality and delivery. Shop I ordered from –

The remaining items I purchased from our local Asda. A small bottle of Prosecco and a face mask.

Overall I was very happy with how the boxes came out. Thank you if you read this far and I’ll keep posting any wedding related updates as they happen.

My 2018 season

Summing up my 2018 season.

I won’t mention every trip because as some of you know, we visit towers multiple times throughout the year. I’ll just touch upon some highlights of places we visited this year.

Wickerman – The ceremony commenced.

April we travelled down to Alton Towers to experience the Wickerman for the first time. After watching the construction throughout 2017 we were super excited for this.

Flamingoland – Sharne’s first theme park.

In May we visited flamingoland and took Sharne’ to her first ever theme park! I actually forgot how good of a park flamingoland is. We spent ages walking around the zoo, got in some re-rides on volocity (my favourite coaster in the park) and survived hero. Well sort of, I was covered in bruises after.

Thorpe park – Our first visit to Thorpe Park.

In June we visited Thorpe park for the first time. I have previously written a post about our trip to Thorpe park. Long story short we loved it. Highlights for me were Darren brown as I had no idea what to expect and Nemesis inferno, basically because we waited less than 20 minutes each time whilst the rest of the park was super busy.

Portaventura – We got engaged.

In September we jumped on a plane and headed over to Portaventura for my Birthday. Jake proposed while we visited. (separate post about this is further down) Portaventura was fantastic and I promise to post a separate post about my thoughts on Portaventura soon.

Scarefest – Jake’s, Sharn’e and Liam’s first ScareFest.

October I drove down to Alton Towers to attend my first ScareFest since 2015. This trip was Jake, Sharne’ and Liam’s first ever trip to ScareFest. It was actually Sharne’s first ever trip to Alton Towers. We created so many good memories that day and it was without a doubt one of my favourite trips to Towers.

Thank you so much for reading. Happy new year and all the best for 2019 guys!

‪Things to leave behind in 2018

2018, it’s been an amazing year but also a year of heartbreak. It’s also the year I’ve learnt a lot about the people I surround myself with, the bad habits I have and how terrified I am to do anything other than what I’m used to.

I’m sick of it.

So here is my short list of things I’m aiming to leave in 2018.

– Playing things safe (I’ve lived within my comfort zone way too long and not given things a chance)

– Procrastination and makes excuses.

– Bad/Fake friends.

– Trying to keep everyone happy.

– Cheap vodka (it gives me insane heartburn and I seriously need to learn that it’s worth the extra couple of quid to not feel like I’m burning from the inside)

Regarding the heartbreak mentioned earlier. Sadly yesterday I had to say goodbye to my best friend of 17 years, my cat Poppy. I’m devastated she’s not longer with us but thankful for the years I’ve spent with her ❤️

Thanks for reading

Theme parks I’d love to visit

It’s closed season which means I’ve started looking into making 2019 plans. Whilst doing so it got me thinking about parks that I would love to visit in the future. So here it is a small list of parks I hope to visit in the future.


(Photo from IMAscore website)

Honestly so much about this park appeals to me. Of course Taron is a huge reason I’d love to visit however things such a Chiapas and mystery castle I’ve heard nothing but good things about. I really feel like this park could be a favourite for me, everything looks fantastically themed, just outside of cologne so a great location and good quality rides.


(Photo from tokyo bling)

Although one day I hope to visit every Disney park, my most anticipated park is DisneySea. The rides, the merchandise, the food it all looks amazing!


(photo from blooloop )

I’d love to visit this park in autumn, after seeing updates from Halloween in Liseberg. It looked absolutely beautiful, some sort of pumpkin dream. Night rides on helix is of course another huge reason for wanting to visit this park. Who wouldn’t want to ride a pretty Mack LSM?


(Photo from Efteling website)

Theming at this park looks incredible, it really looks like something out of a fairytale. Also Baron 1898 is definitely a credit I want to add to my list.

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I’m engaged!

Long overdue post about our engagement. So yes we got engaged!

In September we flew to Spain to visit Portaventura, this was my second trip to PA (I went once with my family as a kid) and Jake’s first time.

We stayed in the El Paso Hotel which is an all inclusive resort at Portaventura. Located just a few minutes walk from the entrance to Portaventura and Ferrari land (I’ll be writing a separate post about the theme parks)

We checked into the hotel, spent time wandering around the resort and wandering around Portaventura Park. Just to get a feel for the place and map out everything we wanted to do first.

The proposal itself happened on the night, back at the hotel. I was a hot mess is the best way to describe it. Ready for bed after traveling for the day and eating lots of nachos. Then it happened, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. On one knee with a pokeball in hand presenting the most beautiful ring to me. Honestly he could have said anything at this point, could have even called me Fred for all I know. I was in so much shock I have no idea what even happened or was said, it was a complete blur. I said, “Yes,” we kissed and he put the ring on my finger. It was perfect!

I took me about an hour to even really speak after and still quite hard to believe I’m getting married to the love of my life.

Jake let me in on the secrets, how he managed to hide the ring from me and that he was planning on proposing on my birthday. He said he was too excited the day we arrived so asked me that night instead. Since then it’s been Pinterest board and wedding fairs, but I’ve been loving every minute of it.

Thanks for reading