Oktoberfest at Thorpe Park

My review of Oktoberfest at Thorpe Park Resort

Trips abroad with mates

Ever done a group trip?

My first ever visit to Warwick Castle

Last weekend I took a trip to Warwick castle for the first time with Rachel my lovely friend who I’m thankful to be sharing a social bubble with at the moment. Warwick castle is a merlin attraction therefore if you hold a merlin annual pass you can book a visit via the website at the … Continue reading My first ever visit to Warwick Castle

Alton Towers opening weekend, FINALLY!

Alton Towers opening weekend

My UK must visit Halloween attractions

I'm choosing to remain positive that despite what's happening in the world right now we will still get a Halloween season. *Gulp*

We bought a house during a global pandemic!

I’m super excited to share that we bought a house!

Small UK parks and covid-19

Chatting about small UK parks and the impact Covid-19 is having.

My perfect theme park trip

Do you ever just sit and day dream about what your perfect theme park trip would be? Just me?

5 things I can’t visit a theme park without

Chatting about 5 things I can’t visit a theme park without🎢✨

My favourite themed lands

My favourite themed lands